I’ve been depending on the overgrown
Too many lovers that I’ll never know
Counting my losses as I let them go
Heavy the water as I sink below…

Down, down deep down
Down deep down
Down, down deep down

Oh won’t you be my livewire?
Make me feel like I’m set on fire
Your love will take me higher and higher
Oh won’t you be my livewire, my livewire?
I’ve been pretending all my shots are blown
Cover my heart up never let it show
I’m shaking it off to find a higher low
So heavy the water
Oh so heavy the water falling…

Can you hear me falling…

So hold me when I fall away from the lines
When I’m losing it all, when I’m wasting the light
And hold me when I put my heart in your hands
When I’m losing it all, when I’m wasting it all


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